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Finally, some political cartoons

Hopefully they are self-explanatory.

I decided to use the theme of penguins through out my work as they have some human qualities, like how they appear to stand in groups and chat. I think they make a good aesthetic and help demonstrate my point clearly.

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I was in Paris for 3 days after new years and stumbled upon this amazing artist’s open studios.  From what I gather (everything was in French) they are a collective of artists who gained squatters rights to a wonderful 6 story building in central Paris. The location was equivalent to Liverpool Street or Camden. I  just thought it was great to have something so Bohemian  in Central Paris where so many people would come across it.

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Some Recent Work for Your Perusal

I was asked to design a flier for a friend’s club night and these are some samples.


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Political cartoons

Steve Bell

Steve Bell’s work is clever and witty with an interesting style, however, I thought they were all critical and relied largely on creating unflattering caricatures of politicians. I found a lot of contemporary political cartoonists had a similar style, which i personally find quite ugly.

I began to search back at earlier more detailed cartoons, gonzo journalism illustrations, contemporary and early propaganda. I wanted to find clever political cartoons that still had an aesthetic i liked.

Hunter S Thompson was a Gonzo journalist who continually used the illustrator Ralph Steadman. Thompson went into politics later and campaigned for leagalising drugs and  fire arms, he also covered the Nixon election.

I love his style and it compliments the writing perfectly.

I found some early cartoons and propaganda that promoted prohibition ( ban on alcohol in America in the the 1920s. I like the contrast to Steadman and how out dated they are.

The legalisation and limitation of alcohol and drugs is a timeless political issue that still applies today. This is a possible theme for my work.

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